Calendar Girls The Musical

Whitwell Players present Calendar Girls – The Musical, with some first-class songs by Take That’s Gary Barlow and a witty but moving script by Tim Firth.

Theatre Week Summer ’22

Take the stage this summer at THEATRE WEEK! Theatre Week is a week-long performing-arts workshop for children aged 5-12 where they can have fun discovering and developing their talents! It’s a week of song, dance, drama and fun for kids aged 5-12, giving them the awesome opportunity to rehearse and perform a spectacular musical in […]

A Dream Is A Wish

Julie Turner Stage Academy are back on stage as a whole school for the first time since 2018 to perform this show full of song and dance!

A Mad Tea Party

Zebra Studios presents ‘We’re All Mad Here.’Alice finds herself bored by the mundanity of life and wishes for a world where nothing makes sense. Peering through a door, far to small for her to fit through, she takes her first bite of ‘size-changing’ food which grants her entry to Wonderland. Along her journey to find […]