Wed 18-Sat 21 May
WLOS presents
Made In Dagenham

Made in Dagenham is set in 1968 in Essex, the community is a close and loyal network of working Class solidarity. The women of Ford Dagenham go on strike following a proposal to downgrade their skill set and subsequently their pay. This then highlights the massive inequality between men and women in the workplace when doing the same job.

Rita, an ordinary working class mum of two, and machinist for the plant, almost by accident finds herself leading the fight for justice. The girls go on strike, and in a stand of unity the Ford machinists from the Liverpool plant also join the cause. Despite the U.S executives of Ford trying to fight the girls by ‘laying off’ the men and causing hardship for many families, the girls win out and Harold Wilson’s administration, led by Barbara Castle, pass law for equal pay.

The musical is based on a true story, is heart-warming, uplifting and inspiring. It includes some classical British Banter, and a lot of comedy, uplifting musical numbers and some moments of sobriety. Made in Dagenham has a bit of everything.

Please note that this production contains strong language throughout and has an age guidance rating of 12+

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